Evans Electrical Contracting

Evans Electrical Contracting

Website Design

Corey from Evans Electrical Contracting was starting up his own business and wanted to his brand up to scratch. We initially helped him out with a logo design and some business cards to get him going, but also wanted to take that next step to producing a website for his brand. It’s a great step for his business because it gives people that reference point when they come across his signs or cards in the community and they are able to get an understanding on how he can help them.

The website came together really nice. He wanted to incorporate his services and some of his work into the design. We tried to put emphasis on ‘local’ and cover all the aspects he set out for us. With the strong brand that we had developed for him, the website is visually striking and communicates his brand very well.

Client: Evans Electrical Contracting   |   Studio: TOTLD Design, Adelaide


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