Adelaide Prestige Plasterboard

Logo Design

The logo for Adelaide Prestige Plasterboard was one of the first jobs that I got to do for the guys at TOTLD Design. There wasn’t much criteria given for this one, so it allowed me to be pretty open minded towards the whole process, without being too out there. The use of a slab serif font, made the logo refer more to that ‘prestige’ feeling, without going too far that a standard serif font was tending to do. The angular feeling of the imagery was a play on the sheets of plasterboard. While it gives off this feeling, it was able to be added to and producing the the letters of ‘APP’. The shapes were also kept as outlines to keep with that feeling of building framework, before the plasterboard is in place. A nice touch to bring it all together.


Client: Adelaide Prestige Plasterboard   |   Studio: TOTLD Design, Adelaide

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