AG Ideas Poster Design

AG Ideas Poster Design


This poster was designed as a response to the AG Ideas Design Conference quote:

“the mind is like a parachute, it works best when open”

My response was focused around a child like feeling, as to me a child’s naivety was a great source of untrained open mindedness. This came into play in the 2 parts to this poster. The first was using these somewhat black ‘scribbles’. But the more you looked at them, you could pull out a range of different faces and imagery, a bit like looking up at the clouds and seeing different shapes.

The second part was the use of coloured shapes. This is where I further added to that child like feeling. Taking reference from kindergarten finger paintings that most of us had fun taking part in growing up. I wanted to keep that spontaneity in the placement, and made the imagery seperate from the initial ‘scribble’ as to not let the figures fully affect the use of colour.


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